Extensive Holiday Light Display Celebrates The Legacy Of Blazer Jerome Kersey

(PORTLAND, ORE.) –  A stunning new light show is being made in honor of Trail Blazer Jerome Kersey, who passed away not long ago. Including 3,800 lights, the larger than average Christmas ornament entitled "JK25 Santa Hat" will be shown at a West Hills home, and will be noticeable from downtown and southeast Portland. The installment is in its last phases and is expected to turned on this Friday November 13th.

The venture's originator, Ron Sloy, a dear companion of Kersey's for more than 30 years, planned to memorialize the Blazer forward in special kind of way. "Jerome was an amazing man both on and off the court," claims Sloy. “Not only was he a leading player for the Blazers, he was a valuable member of the community, always reaching out to enrich the lives of others.”

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Since Kersey passed away this February, there's been dialog in the Portland about resigning Kersey's shirt number, 25, in acknowledgment of his stellar execution with the Blazers.Bill Schonely, Blazers host for many years, believes Kersey was a talented competitor who made an impact on everyone he met“Jerome was loved by everyone. This unique display will allow Portlanders to celebrate his legacy.”

Constructing the enormous holiday display was a monumental task that required exact planning due to the complexity, size of the display and the complicated on-site issues. The 32’ feet high, and 34’ wide display incorporates a huge “JK25” Santa hat featuring 3,800 lights set on an aluminum frame and mounted on the front of a West Hills home. Designed and built by Hanset Stainless, the display took six weeks to construct, and a week to install. “This truly was a unique and challenging project,”claims Shane Crunch, project manager at Hanset Stainless.“Our whole team was excited to be a part of such a special project to honor a great member of the Portland community.” Crunchie believes the JK25 Santa hat may become a new Christmas fixture in the Portland Sky.

Sloy states that the display will be raised every holiday season in honor of his companion. “I hope that Portlanders will join me in recognizing all that Jerome did for the Blazers and for our community,” he states.Jerome’s number will be hanging high in our night sky for all to see. I hope it will also be hanging from the rafters before too long.”

Fans are encouraged to Tweet #JK25 and #RetireJerseyJK25 to join the conversation around retiring Kersey’s jersey number.